Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Latest Challenge Winner

Congratulations to SturmDM, the winner in our latest team challenge!  These gloves are great for helping keep your hands warm when bicycling, more details in the listing--just click on the picture.  As the winner, Doris will choose the theme for our next challenge, stay tuned as to what that will be!

A big thank you to all who particpated, and to all who voted, for helping make this a fun challenge! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Voting Time!

Voting is over in our Challenge #10, thank you to our entrants and to all who voted!

Vote for your favourite item from the 6 below, poll will be open until noon on Tuesday, September 28th. Seems someone forgot what day it was when she got home from work yesterday morning, I am sorry about that.

(please note, images are no longer clickable, though some are still available for sale)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Entries are In!

Etsyhookers Team latest challenge deadline has passed, and the entries are in. Voting will begin on Monday, so be sure to return to vote for your favourite. Until then, feel free to check out the entries, and to browse through the sellers' shops if something catches your eye.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Etsyhookers Team Challenge #10

It has been a while since our last challenge, but what with having to find a new home, and the subsequent move to that new home, the challenge was delayed.
For those who have forgotten, Michele ( ) was the winner of Challenge #9 and had chosen what looks to be a fun theme!
The theme: Keeping Fit. Crocheted items that you can use/wear while doing your favourite physical activity, things like lightweight walker's backpacks, water bottle holders, ipod cozies, etc.

Our first challenge in our new home has gotten off to a slow start, but some of our team members have risen to the challenge and come up with their creations for this event. Deadline for members to enter is Friday, September 17th, please see details in the discussion on our private FB page if you are a member interested in entering.

The voting poll will open by 12 pm (noon) EST on Monday, September 20, and will close on Monday September 27th at 12 pm (noon) EST.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's Time, It's Time!!

It's here at last! Our 'open' time for new members!
Through the month of September, Etsyhookers is open to new members.
1. You must have an Etsy shop
2. You must be 18 or older.
3. Your shop must be at least 50% crochet (crochet-related) items, with a minimum of 7 crochet (crochet-related) items.
4. After approval, please be sure to tag your items with 'Etsyhookers team'--this tag applies ONLY to crochet/crochet related items. Please do not tag other crafts that contain no crochet with our team tag. We are trying to promote crochet, not painting, ceramics, sewing, etc.

*Please note, crochet related does not mean generic craft supplies that *could possibly* be used in crochet, but very rarely would be, like foam shapes, wood cut-outs, etc.
Examples of what is crochet-related: patterns, yarns, buttons, hooks...

To join, this is now a 2-3-step process since we've moved to Facebook!
First, apply to join our private group page. This is mandatory for members, since this is the only way I can contact everyone in the group with important special notices, announcements, etc.
Second, you *must* send me a message after you've applied to join through my Etsy shop, letting me know the name you applied to join under; your shop name will of course show in the conversation. Otherwise, I'll have no idea who you are and will be unable to
approve you.
Third, you are more than welcome to 'like' our FB business page. Once I've approved you for our private page, if I notice you've 'liked' our business page, I will make you an admin so you will be able to post pictures and links! If you do join our business page, please read FAQ's about photos before posting your listing pics.

Now is a great time to join! We've just started a new team challenge, and the deadline to enter is September 17th--rules are posted in our private group on FB.
Requests to join after September 30th will be deleted, as there is no waiting list for our next open date, which will be in early 2011.