Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December with Etsyhookers

The blog may have been quiet for a few months, but Etsyhookers members have not.  Creating new items and stocking up on supplies to list.  Just a few items from various members of the team, some are finished and ready to mail, some may be made to order, some may be sure to read the item description for details.
A reminder, too, the postal system is not perfect.  If you are purchasing an item for a Christmas gift, know where the seller is from and if the item will have time to get to you.
Just click on the individual items to see the listing on Etsy.


'Christmas with Etsyhookers Team' by Smudgekitty

A collection of traditional colours from Etsyhookers Team--both supplies and finished items.

Christmas cotton yarn, ...

Crocheted Christmas Bel...

Baby Dress in Forest Gr...

Christmas Star Garland ...

Ladder Yarn Necklace: ...

Miniature Bear Thread A...

Crochet Washcloth set o...

Creative Yarn Variety P...

Crocheted Santa Beanie,...

Angel, beautiful snow w...

Crochet Red and Green L...

newborn hat christmas p...

Cranberry Kiss Crochet ...

Holiday Candy Cane Ball...

Santa's Little Help...

Dog Paw Christmas Stock...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Etsyhookers Triathlon

We're well underway, anyone participating has until the end of August to finish the three legs.
The first leg:  Crochet an item using fibre you haven't used before.  For example, if you usually use yarn, try thread.  If you've never used wire before, try wire...recycled t-shirts, bags, video tape...anything you can use a hook with!

The second leg:  Try something new!  Never crocheted a doily?  A shawl?  Baby sweater?  Now is the time to challenge yourself and try.

The third and final leg:  Using a granny square pattern, either a pattern you like or one you've designed, create something *other than* an afghan.  There are many uses for granny squares, see what you can come up with!  (Keep in mind, granny squares are any square that is worked in the round, not just your traditional 3dc, ch1 type!)

An entry from the first leg, from Etsyhookers member CrochetPittsburgh, click on the name to see all the items for sale by CrochetPittsburgh, or click on the picture for the Etsy listing:

Although Etsyhookers team members only are eligible for the 'prizes' for finishing/finishing first, everyone is welcome to join in this challenge of their creativity!  Leave a message if you participated and let us know how you did!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our First Crochet Triathlon

*All crocheters are more than welcome to join the fun and challenge their creativity, unfortunately, they will not be eligible for prizes. Non-members may share their progress, how-to's will be posted at the end of each event's blog post.

Welcome to the Hookers Triathlon, 2011.
The triathlon consists of 3 different events, each announced separately at intervals of approximately 2-3 weeks, and each will have a time limit, to make this more of a challenge.
Unlike our usual challenges, the triathlon events will not have specific themes, but will be more of a challenge to your creativity.
If you wish to take part, follow the thread here where each event will be announced. I will also post this information on our Facebook page and our blog.

The first event will be posted in mid-June. The second will be posted 2-3weeks later, and the third, 2-3 weeks after the second. You do not have to finish each event within the 2-3 weeks, as long as you finish all 3 before the overall deadline of August 31/2011, you will have successfully completed!

To enter (team members only):
List your items before the deadline and paste the link to the listing in this thread, OR, if you do not wish to sell them on Etsy, send a conversation to me (smudgekitty) on Etsy and attach the picture(s). **By entering, you give permission for your photo and shop name to be posted on our blog and our Facebook page.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Congratulations to one of our newer members, helby, for winning our latest challenge with her upcycled t-shirt bowl!

Check out other items from helby here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Challenge #13, Vote for your Favourite!

Congrats again to SturmDM for winning our last challenge. As winner, SturmDM chose to honour Earth Day with the theme of this challenge. Entries were to reflect what Earth Day meant to you--whether you chose to use materials that would otherwise be discarded, create something to replace a disposable item, something depicting nature or even something to show how one could replace less earth-friendly practices with more environmentally friendly ones (like running shoe slippers to represent walking as opposed to driving).
A few of our members rose to the challenge, their entries are posted for sale in their shops: just click on an item to see the listing.
We'll kick off our voting week on Earth Day, just choose your favourite item and vote, voting is open to everyone and is completely anonymous. The polls will be open until noon on Friday April 29th, the winner will be announced soon after.
Thank you in advance to all who vote and help choose our new challenge winner!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Calling all Etsyhookers!

Our newest challenge is up and running! The theme, chosen by the winner of our last challenge, is in honour of Earth Day, April 22nd. To enter, you must be a member of Etsyhookers team, requirements can be found here.
This looks to be a fun challenge, whether you choose to create an item of something in nature (like a tree or a flower) or something symbolic of being eco-friendly (sneakers to show walking instead of driving), or even something using materials that otherwise would go to the landfill!
Full details are in this thread (sorry, only team members will be able to view it).

Entries will, as usual, be posted here, with voting to commence--when else?--April 22nd, Earth Day! So, stay tuned to see what some of our team members can come up with!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Spring!?!

With spring comes 'new'.  New growth, baby animals, both welcome signs after a dreary, long winter.
Although in parts of North America, the milder temps that usually accompany spring are missing, it nevertheless is spring, and worth celebrating.
From members of Etsyhookers team, I've put together a collection of baby animals, both patterns and finished 'babies', in this treasury. 

'Who Loves Baby Animals?' by Smudgekitty

A selection of baby animals from Etsyhookers Team members: both patterns to create your own and finished babies ready to cuddle.

Boutique crochet To...

White Baby Bunny Bo...

Baby Chick Hat Croc...

Amigurumi Lion - Co...

Amigurumi Bunny and...

Ice Cream Cone Girl...

Amigurumi crochet y...

Easter - Spring Bow...

Adorable Cow Hat

Owl family Mommy Da...

PDF Pattern Chubby ...

Handmade Crochet Ea...

Mochi the Chihuahua...

Baby Cotton Giraff...

Easter Basket Egg a...

Tony the Turtle

Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the winner is...

Congratulations to SturmDM, winner of our latest challenge. The winning entry is Doris' blue bird with yellow umbrella, and is currently available for purchase.

As winner, Doris will choose the theme for our next challenge, team members watch for the announcement within the next few weeks!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Polls are Open!

With such a fun theme, Singin' in the Rain,  chosen by last round's winner BabyNest, I was sure we would see some fun and interesting entries, and I'm not disappointed!  From a water resistant hat made with plarn ('yarn' made from cutting plastic bags into strips) to adorable amigurumi, there is a variety.
Be sure to check out the items from our entrants below and vote for your favourite one right here--the winner of this challenge chooses the theme for our next one.  Voting is easy, there is no need to sign up or register for anything!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Challenge, and Changes

First, apologies for not posting this in January like I'd planned! 
Our new challenge is up and running!  All team members, 'old and new' are welcome to join!  Team members can see the rules as well as post their items in this thread.  This round's theme is 'Singin in the Rain', so think of anything inspired by rain:  : things such as boots, rain hats/coats, umbrellas, rainbows, etc. 

Our team on Etsy is growing almost daily, welcome to all our  new members!

With Etsy having changed their forums drastically, there is no longer a promotions forum to announce sales, new items, etc.  We do have our Facebook business page, new items and specials from our team members are posted there, so feel free to check us out!