Monday, February 21, 2011

The Polls are Open!

With such a fun theme, Singin' in the Rain,  chosen by last round's winner BabyNest, I was sure we would see some fun and interesting entries, and I'm not disappointed!  From a water resistant hat made with plarn ('yarn' made from cutting plastic bags into strips) to adorable amigurumi, there is a variety.
Be sure to check out the items from our entrants below and vote for your favourite one right here--the winner of this challenge chooses the theme for our next one.  Voting is easy, there is no need to sign up or register for anything!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Challenge, and Changes

First, apologies for not posting this in January like I'd planned! 
Our new challenge is up and running!  All team members, 'old and new' are welcome to join!  Team members can see the rules as well as post their items in this thread.  This round's theme is 'Singin in the Rain', so think of anything inspired by rain:  : things such as boots, rain hats/coats, umbrellas, rainbows, etc. 

Our team on Etsy is growing almost daily, welcome to all our  new members!

With Etsy having changed their forums drastically, there is no longer a promotions forum to announce sales, new items, etc.  We do have our Facebook business page, new items and specials from our team members are posted there, so feel free to check us out!