Sunday, March 29, 2009

EtsyHooker of the Week --- Chimera Crochet

Tipper the Tiny HedgeBall .. Amigurumi Hedgehog Stuffie

Bluestarbutterflies nominated our latest EtsyHooker of the Week with these words:

I've admired her kooky and creative creatures for a long time and recently gave in to temptation and got myself one of her adorable little hedgeballs! I think she's a fantastic artist and a great creative soul. I truly believe she needs a spot on our blog as Hooker of the Week!

Prescription For Love .. Amigurumi Humor Gift for Adults

One of Chimera Crochet's popular items is the crocheted pill, complete with pill bottle. This shows how a creative idea can be simple, but very well done. She has thought out all the details to make the item adorable and marketable.

Pixie Owlett of the Owlington Family

Chimera also has a line of owls, which are complete with personalized names as well as a family name. This attention to detail helps Chimera's shop stand out. In addition, the uncluttered, simple, clear photos make you feel you could have Pixie sitting in your hand right from the computer screen.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Think Spring Gift Guide

Today is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, so we are all thinking of flowers, animal babies, and Spring holidays like Easter. The EtsyHookers thought we would share some of our Spring inspired items. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope you can dream of Spring with our items.
1. Felted Wool Bowl - Melon Delight
2. Daisy Doily------Cotton 16 inch

3. Little Boy Bucket Hat with Turtle Embellishment
4. Simply Green Triangular Shawl/Wrap, crocheted, Special Order 5. Easter Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Pack - Buy all Three and Save6. Blue, Yellow, Green and White Cotton Crocheted Mandee Handbag--Great Day or Evening Handbag
7. gardener's soap saver in yellow 8. 4 Crocheted Flower Magnets - Pink and White Blooms with Green Leaves
9. Sunshine and Ocean Ring Shawl - Handpainted Merino Wool - OOAK
10. Boutique crochet Toddler chick purse11. Pale Yellow Backpack 12. Flower Tawashi Scrubbie --- set of three

Sunday, March 15, 2009

EtsyHooker of the Week --- Honey Bee Crochet by SturmDM

Sunflower kitchen set, 3 pieces, cotton

The EtsyHooker Team is very fortunate to have a team member like Doris, of Honey Bee Crochet. She is active with the team challenges, team promotions, and other team activities. She also comes up with some very creative ideas for her shop and is committed to helping find out what is happening to the honey bees. She was nominated for the honor of EtsyHooker of the Week by Gwen.

Frizzy, the Frazzled Honeybee

Frizzy is just one example of the creative bee themed items in Doris' shop. She was the proud winner of one of our team challenges with an awesome hat that was a flower with a bee alight on it.

Doris also recently opened a shop filled with items for her favorite holiday --- Christmas. It is called 365 Days of Christmas. She has many items there to decorate your home. If you are interested in any of these items, now is the time to get them since once that season nears I am sure her crochet hook will be flying and possibly too busy for last minute orders.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

EtsyHooker of the Week --- Crochele

Baby Gladiator Sandal with Flower button Closure

This week we feature an EtsyHooker who is a fresh face to the team. Crochele Handcrafted specializes in items for the young ones in your family with blankets, hats, and footwear. The sandals above are just one example of the cute ideas that Crochele has come up with to offer in her shop.

BABY DAISY Sun Hat and matching Gladiator Sandals

If you really like the Gladiator Sandals, this set with a matching hat is perfect for summer. The cute little flower detailing really make this set special. If you want it to match a favorite outfit, Crochele is very helpful in showing the colors she has available to make these sets in her fifth photo in the listing. (I think this is a nifty way to show the possible color choices for custom orders.)

Chic Beanie with Brim Matching Set

Mommy and Me sets can be very cute. This set from Crochele is great because it is a style that looks nice for any age. You could also buy it for a set of siblings or any other combination that you can dream of.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

EtsyHooker Gift Guide for Men

It seems like there are often people lamenting about what they can buy as a gift for a man, so the EtsyHookers got together to give you their own gift guide for men. We have included a few items for that man who just got his new bachelor pad, along with items to wear, and things to help with a favorite pastime. Click on the photos to be whisked to the EtsyHooker shop for more information about these lovely items.
1. Mens Cable Design Sweater
2. Fedora in Brown Cotton

3. Golf Green Beverage Cozy
4. Chic Beanie with brim and Matching Scarf 5. Crochet RUG Kitchen or Bath Dark Thyme and Linen Beige Colors6. hunters mittens
7. Fisherman Sweater 8. BASKETBALL Potholder Pair
9. Flecked B-boy cap
10. Crochet Martini Olive with Removable Pimento11. The iPod Pocket / PDA Case 12. Autumm Waves 2 - Afghan/Blanket/Throw