Sunday, September 28, 2008

EtsyHooker of the Week --- LynnsLovelies

The delicate handwork of Lynn's Lovelies is evident in the lovely booties above. Not only does she work with a small hook, she also attaches lovely Swarovski pearls to these booties.

Lynn's Lovelies also has a cute set made with yarn. This one is yellow and blue. It includes a hat and a set of booties. This would make a great gift for a baby shower.

Just in time for some cute fall photos and field trips with baby, Lynn's Lovelies has this set of hat and booties in a pumpkin patch theme. At least half the time I have been to a pumpkin patch I have been surprised at how chilly it was, so these would be perfect to help keep baby warm on the trip.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

EtsyHooker of the Week --- CFMF Crochet (aka ssnjade)

CFMF Crochet puts me in a Halloween mood, so I will share the lovely items in ssnjade's shop that would be perfect for Halloween, like the adorable hat that any kid would love to wear for Halloween or just about anytime.

Something about this Slasher Scarflette reminds me of the television show, Heroes. It would make a cute and quick costume for an unexpected costume party.

If you are not in a Halloween mood, CFMF Crochet also has some other lovely items. I really like the colors and the idea of making a lei from crocheted flowers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Me, Queen Bee - EtsyHookers Creative Challenge Winner - Congrats SturmDM!

Voting ended today on our 3rd EtsyHookers Creative Challenge. Members were asked to create a hat that was anything but “normal”. We had some amazing and creative entries! Voted the best entry for this Challenge is Me, Queen Bee, created by SturmDM (Doris). Not only is her hat a one of a kind creation, but Doris also has a passion for the preservation of honey bees. She also donates a portion of her sales to this cause. From her shop announcement:

Honey bees clock over 55,000 frequent flyer miles and drop in on about 2 million plants in order to produce one pound of honey - all that time and effort to make 1/2 a teaspoon of honey per bee, per bee lifetime.
... And the next time you enjoy that handful of sweet summer cherries, you may want to give an appreciative nod to the noble honey bee too.
To learn more about our disappearing honeybees, please visit this website:

Please take a moment to visit SturmDM’s Etsy shop to see all the items she offers, from afghans, to baby items, wearables, bags and purses, pet items, and so much more. Her Me, Queen Bee hat has been sold, but she has listed an Autumn Harvest Hat with Bee that is similar. What a fun hat made in appreciation of the humble honey bee!

Purple Handbag

Off White Winter Warmer Afghan

Yellow Naptime Blankie Bear

Congratulations to SturmDM for winning the Hooker Hats Challenge!

I would like to thank Deb of DebzCreations for creating this theme. And thank you to all the members who participated and entered - you are all amazingly talented winners! And a very big shout out goes to everyone who took a moment to view the entries and vote for their favorite - thank you for supporting our EtsyHookers team!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Creative Challenge No. 3 - Hold Your Hats! It’s a Fun One!

For our 3rd Creative Challenge, Deb of DebzCreations, chose a hat theme. September is Hat month, and the 15th is Make a Hat Day. So in honor of that, members were asked to create a hat that was anything but “normal”. The guidelines for this Challenge were intended to spark the imagination and creativity of our talented hookers. Funky, fun, freeform, sculpted, one of a kind - that’s what we asked for, and as you can see, our members delivered!

The voting poll is now closed
Thank you to all our members who entered, and thank you for your votes!
Your support of our team is appreciated!

Click on the item photo to be taken to the members shop for a complete description (including their inspiration for their hat design) and purchasing details.

1. Me, Queen Bee
2. Princess Cap
3. Red Stripes Mohawk Hat
200 180
4. Sidney Snail Hat Size 1-2 years
5. Little Miss Strange Hat
6. Faerie Hat With Horns
150 161
7. Lil Stinker Hat 8. Snot-Nosed Goblin Hat9. Scarecrows Best Hat
10. Snake Hat 11. Frogger