Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our First Crochet Triathlon

*All crocheters are more than welcome to join the fun and challenge their creativity, unfortunately, they will not be eligible for prizes. Non-members may share their progress, how-to's will be posted at the end of each event's blog post.

Welcome to the Hookers Triathlon, 2011.
The triathlon consists of 3 different events, each announced separately at intervals of approximately 2-3 weeks, and each will have a time limit, to make this more of a challenge.
Unlike our usual challenges, the triathlon events will not have specific themes, but will be more of a challenge to your creativity.
If you wish to take part, follow the thread here where each event will be announced. I will also post this information on our Facebook page and our blog.

The first event will be posted in mid-June. The second will be posted 2-3weeks later, and the third, 2-3 weeks after the second. You do not have to finish each event within the 2-3 weeks, as long as you finish all 3 before the overall deadline of August 31/2011, you will have successfully completed!

To enter (team members only):
List your items before the deadline and paste the link to the listing in this thread, OR, if you do not wish to sell them on Etsy, send a conversation to me (smudgekitty) on Etsy and attach the picture(s). **By entering, you give permission for your photo and shop name to be posted on our blog and our Facebook page.