Saturday, June 7, 2008

EtsyHooker Profile --- Angelina's Wonders

My shop includes all original items made by me. I do not use any patterns at the moment. The patience and guidance of both my grandmothers has inspired me to continue this craft. I just love crocheting because it also gives me time for my mind to wander just a bit. I have so many fond memories, and my shop is dedicated to my Grandma Ange and my Grandma Mary. Each one taught me different things and that is how I developed my own style.

Angelina's Wonders
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Red Berry Crochet said...

Cute shop Angelina's! I especially love your crocheted collars :) It's so nice that your craft was taught to you by your grandmothers.

Nora said...

Angelina's Wonders has such cute items in her shop! Way to go Chris!!! How wonderful that you use so well these heritage skills from your grandmothers.

Chris said...

Hurray for Grandmas!

Angelinas said...

i think my grandmas guide me because i usally hear in a sublte it out, that looks terrible lol!!!