Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crochet Pattern of the Month --- Cell Phone Bag

Thanks to Crystal of Crochet Creations by Cowgirlcrysi, the EtsyHookers blog has its first pattern of the month. Make one and share a photo with the team and we will add your version to the blog!

Cell Phone Bag


Sugar and Cream cotton yarn (or other worsted weight cotton yarn)


tapestry / yarn needle

H- hook

I have a LG phone slim phone, so this is based on that sized phone.


Chain 24 and measure chain across the phone to see if its wide enough; if its not add a few ch stitches and check to see if it's wide enough. When it is wide enough across, add 4 more chains to make room for a seam.

Dc 28 stitches (or number of chains needed for width),chain 2. Turn.

Make 30 rows of dc. (Check against phone to see if it is twice the length of the phone itself. If it is continue until it is, ending with an even number of rows. Tie off; weave in ends.

Fold the piece in half; it should be long enough for the phone to be covered front and back. With a yarn needle sew the sides up leaving the top open.

Make a strap to carry by chain stitching the length you want it to be. Tie ends off and sew to the pouch.
Turn piece right side out.

You can add a button like I did or use yarn to make tie top .

The example is done with Sugar and Cream in lime.

Embellish with fun fur or whatever. The sky's the limit :)

created by crystal calandra


Red Berry Crochet said...

Cute pattern! I'll have to make one :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this pattern. It looks pretty simple and would be a very sweet gift for a wee girl.

Lexi said...

Well written article.