Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Creative Challenge No. 3 - Hold Your Hats! It’s a Fun One!

For our 3rd Creative Challenge, Deb of DebzCreations, chose a hat theme. September is Hat month, and the 15th is Make a Hat Day. So in honor of that, members were asked to create a hat that was anything but “normal”. The guidelines for this Challenge were intended to spark the imagination and creativity of our talented hookers. Funky, fun, freeform, sculpted, one of a kind - that’s what we asked for, and as you can see, our members delivered!

The voting poll is now closed
Thank you to all our members who entered, and thank you for your votes!
Your support of our team is appreciated!

Click on the item photo to be taken to the members shop for a complete description (including their inspiration for their hat design) and purchasing details.

1. Me, Queen Bee
2. Princess Cap
3. Red Stripes Mohawk Hat
200 180
4. Sidney Snail Hat Size 1-2 years
5. Little Miss Strange Hat
6. Faerie Hat With Horns
150 161
7. Lil Stinker Hat 8. Snot-Nosed Goblin Hat9. Scarecrows Best Hat
10. Snake Hat 11. Frogger


Laura's Left Hook said...

I am excited about this one, but am still a little unsure about what I am going to make. I am so impressed by the first two entrants.

The Colorful Bee said...

Awesome entries! I am not a designer, so I'm not joining. :( I can follow almost any pattern, but can't make up my own too well. LOL

Anonymous said...

Excellent Entries so far. That mohawk one is too funny! I can only imagine what thoughts go through people's minds when they see you wearing it.

BubbleGirl said...

I love the snail, it would look so cute on my daughter! All great entries so far, you are all so creative!!

Pam said...

These entries are fantastic! What creativity! Can't wait to see the rest....such awesome hookin'!!

wigglysee said...

Such great entries , going to be a hard choice

Nora said...

Wow....ALL great entrie!

Chris said...

You guys are so good! I couldn't think up anything.

Valerie said...

It's too hard to vote for just one!

Juli said...

These all look really awesome! Hard to pick just one.