Monday, February 2, 2009

EtsyHooker of the Week --- BeanTownHandmade

Blue Blossom Dog Hat - Size Small

With a model as adorable and agreeable as this one, it is no wonder that BeanTownHandmade is off to a great start on Etsy with her shop of crocheted items for dogs. Anne's shop is named after her dog, Bean, who is apparently building up a following with a twitter feed, blog, and flickr page all devoted to him.

Blue Wool Dog Sweater with Popcorn Detail

BeanTownHandmade is great about giving several measurement details (including mention of several breeds that are about that size) for her items which helps to ensure a good fit. In addition, she is willing to make items especially to fit your special furry friend similar to those in her shop. The sweater above would be a great help on those days when your dog just does not want to go outside.

Pink Dog Sweater with Vintage Button

For the girls, Bean was willing to model this lovely sweater. Anne shows some humor in this listing by telling the reader that her husband wants everyone to know Bean only wears girls clothes for modeling.

For more about Bean as well as furry friends sporting some of Anne's creations, check out:


Anne said...

Thanks so much! We are so honored to be selected among so many talented crochet artists! Bean says ROMF! (Thanks!)

Doris Sturm said...

Congratulations, you do such good work. I love your doggies too ;-)

CrochetBouquet said...

These pictures are amazing ! What an adorable dog !!

Valerie said...

So adorable!!! And the doggie is such a good model

Mountainside Crochet said...

Bean has got to be the cutest model out there! And such a patient puppy to sit still for photos. He must have gone to a modeling school for dogs :) or just be the best trained dog ever.

Such terrific items, BeanTown, and a great variety to choose from - dogs everywhere will appreciate your efforts on their behalf!

gwengoods said...

Super cute, really talented work and absolutely adorable dog.

Pam said...

Congratulations on being the hooker of the week! I love Bean! He is handsome and adorable, and a fabulous model! Your dog fashions are wonderful, too!

Louise said...

Not only are your animal creations adorable...I WANT YOUR DOG :)
Spiffyspooner :)