Sunday, June 7, 2009

EtsyHookers Creative Challenge No. 6 - A Walk on the Wild Side

This has been a fun Challenge for our team! Members were asked to create a crocheted item either for or about animals. As you can see, we have very creative crocheters in our group!

Thank you to spiffyspooner, the winner of our 5th Challenge, for choosing this very fun theme.

Voting begins June 8th at 12 noon EST and the poll will be open for one week, through June 15th until 12 noon EST.

*** Everyone is invited to vote for their favorite entry ***

Click on the item photo to be taken to the members shop for a complete description and purchasing details.

Thank you to our members who entered, you are all amazingly talented!
Good luck!

1. Alligator/Crocodile Hat with attached Scarf for tail

2. Peace Out Flower Child Baby Bear Beanie

3. Cat Goldfish Toy

4. Mel the Monkey Felted Amigurumi

5. Axolotl Amigurumi

6. Sydney Elephant Pincushion Desk Buddy

7. Felted Wool Infant Booties - Little Bunny FuFu

8. Pop Tab Pet Collar

9. Elmira Elephant

10. Dog Collar Bandana

11. Tiny Dog Pastel Spring into Summer Sweater

12. Kitty Clara - crocheted fairy cat plushie doll

13. Eyeball catnip toy

14. Chapstick Buddy - Elephant

15. Baby Fuzzy Bunny

16. Helen the Hippo Amigurumi

17. Rocky Raccoon, shelf sitter or paper weight

18. Baby Blob


gwengoods said...

Wow such wonderful creations, voting will be tough!

Beadsme said...

I adore number 17 Raccoon. So cute.

panAsh said...

I have to go with #2. What a cute hat!


Rosemary said...

I'm feeling patriotic today so I'm partial to number #10- the dog collar bandana.

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, boy, here we go exciting! There's nothing like a little competition to keep things stirred up ;-)

Good luck to everyone!~ and my Rocky too :-)


VitalTemptation said...

Everything is so cute, but my favourite is number 7!Adorable!

gwengoods said...

I voted, really tough choice!

Ginger said...

We can only choose one, hunh? Oh boy...I'll be back

Very Verdant said...

Love the red, white, and blue dog bandana/collar by handsdelight!

Doris Sturm said...

Whew, I can't take this excitement and it's only the 2nd does one go about catching cute, felted bunny slippers when you're just a little crocheted raccoon? (he, he, he)

veganessa said...

No 17 rocky racoon

Sunbasilgarden said...

VOTE FOR #7- LuLuBunny!
Congrats to creative.

Estelendur said...

Axolotl axolotl axolotl! omg so cute (and so underappreciated too)

Nora said...

Oh My it is so much fun to watch the totals on the voting. Great Job to all the entrants!

Autumn said...

#2 is so adorable!!! Does it come in my size? ;)

Laura Herbertson said...

#17 raccoon