Monday, August 8, 2011

Etsyhookers Triathlon

We're well underway, anyone participating has until the end of August to finish the three legs.
The first leg:  Crochet an item using fibre you haven't used before.  For example, if you usually use yarn, try thread.  If you've never used wire before, try wire...recycled t-shirts, bags, video tape...anything you can use a hook with!

The second leg:  Try something new!  Never crocheted a doily?  A shawl?  Baby sweater?  Now is the time to challenge yourself and try.

The third and final leg:  Using a granny square pattern, either a pattern you like or one you've designed, create something *other than* an afghan.  There are many uses for granny squares, see what you can come up with!  (Keep in mind, granny squares are any square that is worked in the round, not just your traditional 3dc, ch1 type!)

An entry from the first leg, from Etsyhookers member CrochetPittsburgh, click on the name to see all the items for sale by CrochetPittsburgh, or click on the picture for the Etsy listing:

Although Etsyhookers team members only are eligible for the 'prizes' for finishing/finishing first, everyone is welcome to join in this challenge of their creativity!  Leave a message if you participated and let us know how you did!

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Doris Sturm said...

what a beautiful necklace...I have never crocheted with wire before, but I like the way it looks :-) Nice job!