Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just for Fun, May Challenge

Each month is full of little-known and sometimes bizarre special occasions, like National Asparagus Month,  Library Card Sign-Up Month, National BlueBird of Happiness Day, even Hole in My Bucket Day.
I thought it would be fun to challenge people to come up with crafts to celebrate these occasions, so have started a monthly challenge for Etsyhookers Team members (feel free to craft along even if you're not a member!)

This month's theme, a choice of two. Among other things, May is National Barbecue Month and also National Egg Month. Choose one of these (or both, there are no limits) for your 'entry'.

Rules: must be a crocheted item, finished by the end of the month.  Team members can list them on Etsy, and post in our team thread there.  Since this is just for fun, there will be no voting, so no limits on number of 'entries', and no 'real' winner, though everyone who comes up with an idea and has met the challenge is a winner.  Okay, that sounds a bit cheesy, but true.  Pictures of members' work may be posted here.

Overall, play with ideas, play with your yarn, and HAVE FUN!!

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Francie Taylor said...

I shared this challenge on my FB and twitter pages :)