Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September's Challenge

We had a few entries in our challenge this month, some of which were just for fun and not listed (at least not yet) on Etsy in the entrants' shops.
In honour  of Make a Hat Day (Sept. 15th), the entries are definitely fun!

From BerthasBizarreBazaar there were three:
a baby size cupcake hat:
 A greedy goldfish hat

 And this fun chicken hat:

Yes, someone has definitely been busy!!

From quietnova, modeled by someone who looks like he loves that hat!  (Adorable model, btw!)

And from WeeBeeUniquesByJulie  a vampire hat, available in her Etsy shop, perfect for Hallowe'en:

Lastly, an entry for Teddy Bear Day (Sept. 9th), from Smudgekitty
(one shown is a gift, but bookmarks can be ordered in custom colours)

I'll be announcing October's fun challenge in a day or two, so check back!

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