Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May's Creative Challenge...

Again, I chose to leave the challenge open to any of the odd holidays.

In honour of Brothers and Sisters Day (May 3), from Ida Herter of  HerterCrochetDesigns  a crochet pattern for a set of amigurumi matryoshka dolls:
 The pattern is available as an instant download, which means once you've submitted payment, you will see a link to download your pattern in your purchases.  (Click on picture to see the listing)

And from a snail who went into hiding not long before May 24 (National Escargot Day), a picture emailed from an undisclosed location:
Sadly, this snail has not been heard from since this picture was emailed, so one can't help but wonder if his location was discovered.  (Clicking on picture will take you to the designer's shop, snail is not listed for sale)

June's challenge will be a bit different, thanks to a suggestion from a team member.  Instead of crocheting something for *that* month, the challenge will be to crochet something for the following month, so items can be posted here on that 'special' day.


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