Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Weather and Crochet

I have to say this winter is more like the ones I used to know.  Very cold, windy, blizzards, and snowfall on top of snowfall.  I will say though, that it was much more enjoyable when I was 13; schools actually closed during really bad weather and without having to be somewhere, the day could be spent outside building forts, snowmen, or playing games of fox and goose.  You didn't feel the cold when you were young and having fun.

But the bad weather isn't so much fun when you're an adult and have to shovel it, or drive in it to work (cause work rarely closes, even the schools rarely close any more).  And the cold is just plain cold now.

It was nice to see something great amidst this cold and snow, a new sort of yarn bombing:  knitters and crocheters would leave scarves in handy places for anyone out in the cold who needed one to take.  I thought it was an awesome idea, and although the 'old-style' yarn bombing was fun to see, this one is fun AND useful.  A great way to use up stash, spend time doing what you love, and give to others.
I may just have to try this next year somehow.  Another idea is to make winter accessories up and take them in to the local foodbank.  I have been told there is a table there for those who have need of the foodbank, where people can pick from the table non-food items they may need.

Some of our team members sell yarn in their shops so I thought I would post a few of those today.  Keep in mind, some people do have allergies, so if you do plan on scarf bombing, a content label might be a good thing, especially if you are using wool.

Some vintage mohair yarn from BerthasBizarreBazaar
A wonderfully bright, bulky weight yarn from crochetgal:

 (crochetgal has a shop full of yummy yarns!)

From HeavenSpunCreations a thick and thin handspun merino yarn in beautiful teal ombre:

(check out her other handspun yarns while you're there!)

Some destash from Smudgekitty, 24 oz of  bulky Baby Anna yarn:

SixSkeins has some gorgeous handdyed yarns, including this merino cashmere nylon yarn:

Lastly, MandalaYarn has several silk yarns in her shop, I am not sure how warm they are, but they look like such fun to 'play' with, this one is banana viscose!

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