Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just For Fun, June Challenge

Our second, Just For Fun challenge.  Again, there will be no judging, no winners, just the fun of challenging your creativity.  Choose one of this month's themes, or both, no limit to how many items you may 'enter'.
Although June is known for weddings and Father's Day, I thought I'd go for a couple lesser-known occasions.

***Candy Month. Sweet, colorful, teeth-rotting candy! Let your imagination wander, I'm sure there are lots of ideas inspired by candy, from candy amigurumi, to candy button accents, to bold, bright 'candy' colours!
***'Smile Power Day', for more info, visit this page.  Smiles themselves, or just something that makes you smile.
To participate, create something inspired by the special day/month, and complete it by the end of the month.
Overall, play with ideas, play with your yarn, and HAVE FUN!!

Team members can post their listing in our team thread.  If you're not a team member but would like to show off what you've created, and have a place online to post your picture, feel free to comment and include a link to your creation, along with a brief story about what inspired you.  **Comments are moderated.  If a link looks suspicious, I will not click on it to verify it, but will delete it.

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