Monday, July 2, 2012

June's Challenge Entries, Announcing July's Challenge

Last month's creative challenge was to create something revolving around one (or both!) of these themes:  National Candy Month, or Smile Power Day.

A slow month again, with two entries.  We both chose the candy theme, and funnily enough, with all the different things we could come up with, we both chose 'cotton candy'.
Legendary Crochet designed this adorable doll, complete with her own cotton candy:

I chose the amigurumi route, and came up with cotton candy on a 'paper' cone:

July's challenge I did just a bit differently.  Instead of examining my choices and trying to think of ideas people could make and choose one that seemed to have a lot of options, I wrote the 'national xxx month' choices on pieces of paper and drew from a hat.
So, if you'd like to challenge your creativity, see what you can come up with for:
National Blueberry Month and/or National Hot Dog Month
Let your imagination free!

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