Friday, August 3, 2012

July's Challenge Entries...Announcing August's Themes

We had a few participants this month, with the themes being National Blueberry Month and National Hot Dog Month.
legendary crochet chose to do a few blueberry items:
A blueberry pie ornament (love the 'juicy' blueberries oozing out between the crusts!)

And a blueberry dog toy, it seems dogs like blueberries, too.

Also with the blueberry theme, from quietnova, some blueberry pi, favourite dessert of mathletes.

From WeeBeeUniquesByJulie, an adorable hot dog...complete with mustard leash.
I chose a hot dog theme as well, with this amigurumi mustard and ketchup bottles.


And now, on to August's Challenge!  I decided to start using some of the individual days, instead of just special months, and out of several promising odd days, these are the two randomly drawn:
Family Fun Month
Book Lover's Day (the 9th)

To participate, create something inspired by the special day/month, and complete it by the end of the month.
Play with ideas, play with your yarn, and HAVE FUN!!

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