Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One more day of July!!

I can't believe the July we've had in southwestern Ontario!  Apart from a few hot days, most have been bearable, and the nights, especially recently, are cool enough that a blanket is called for.  My husband keeps asking "Should I take the window air conditioner out and just put in a box fan?"
My reply is always an adamant "NO."  Because as soon as we do that, *that's* when the really hot, sticky weather will hit.  Murphy's Law may have a section devoted to stuff like that.

I thought I'd pick some nice, sunshine-y items from team members as my last post of the month, enjoy!

Crochet Pattern from akuadesigns.

Cotton crochet thread from crochetgal.

Pattern to crochet this fun sunshine wand from hertercrochetdesigns.

Silk sari yarn from mandalayarn

Sunshine for the bathroom, soap saver and face scrubbies from samscrochet

Fun beverage cozies from smudgekitty

Wouldn't any fashion doll love to wear this to the beach?  From rianasbarbiecloset
Crochet pattern, girl with summer's favourite fruit!  from crochetsal

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