Friday, December 4, 2015

December with the "Hookers"

I am currently working on some team pages, first up of course being Christmas.
This is still a work in progress, we have many members and I have only gone through about 25% of the shops, but it's a start!

Supplies!  From patterns to yarn (and some necessary features for Christmas dolls and snowmen!):  a lot of the patterns are instant downloads, so are ready to download when payment is complete.

Christmas Crafting Supplies curated by EtsyHookers on Etsy

For completed items, please, before purchasing, check the shop's location and  shipping info to be sure you can get the item in time.

Everything Christmas curated by EtsyHookers on Etsy

You can opt to follow the list, and see updates in your activity feed on Etsy, there will be more to come!

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